Joy Segovia

Freelance writer producing quality content written with your brand's personality to delight your ideal client. 

I bring to my writing the perspective of over ten years of experience in behavioral health, educational, and social work settings as well as a bachelor's degree in neuroscience with an anthropology minor. These experiences have given me a broad and ecletic perspective on the human mind and experience, a strong science and research background, and the ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to a variety of audiences in a way that is tailored to the intended audience and needs of the project.

Put my skills to work to elevate your wellness and active lifestyle business and help your clients thrive!

Science geek. Outdoor enthusiast. Cellist. Nurturer. Over-the-top Trail Blazers fan. Dravet syndrome and neurological disorders advocate and mother.

Working with Joy has been a delight - she's professional, personable, and consistently manages to fill needs that I didn't even realize I had yet! Her attention to detail and ability to anticipate what needs to happen next has allowed me to relax and focus on what I enjoy the most in my business: the coaching.

I highly recommend Joy to anyone looking to make their own job more efficient and enjoyable. She's the "CEO's best friend" that you didn't know you needed!

When I learned about Joy's services, I knew that I'd found a perfect solution for my business. She took the time to get to know me, my style, and my coaching philosophies, and that left me feeling confident in her ability to create regular content that would 1) resonate with my mailing list and 2) align with my principles and goals. She's knocked both of those things out of the park on a regular basis, in a timely and professional manner.


What lies beneath: Bowdoin's

Asked about the tunnel system snaking under the College, students respond in a variety of ways, ranging from a bedazzled face saying they've never heard of the tunnels to sharing urban legends they've heard about the tunnel to proudly stating that they've been inside. "Longfellow's ghost forbids trespassing unless poetic verse is uttered," one junior replied when asked about the tunnels. A sophomore suggested that the tunnels would be a good place to hold meetings for secret societies. Freshm

Director of Security Randy Nichols —

When explaining how he feels about his new job at Bowdoin, Director of Safety and Security Randall T. Nichols says, "I find it...immensely satisfying." Nichols replaced Bruce Boucher as director after 27 and a half years of service with the Maine State Police. Nichols's experience has been varied. He worked in broadcasting for radio station WFAU Augusta, Maine for about five years before switching to law enforcement. His roles as a member of the Maine State Police were also diverse, giving him